Our Pastor

Hello, my name is Ken Ballard, Jr.  I have been involved with doing some type of ministry for the past 20 plus years.  Boy, that makes me feel old.  Justin Bieber was not even born yet.  In October 1996, I joined the staff of Church of the Beach Cities.  The sixteen years that I spent on staff gave me tremendous opportunities to develop the skills and tools needed to take on the next chapter of my life which is to plant, lead, and build Impact Community Church.   I have lived in the city of Torrance since 2006.  My family and I reside five minutes from the house that my wife was raised in and the schools she attended as a child and teen.  Our kids play soccer, baseball, take classes, and participate in boy scouts here.  We have built great relationships with families, neighbors, teachers, and other members of our community.  The result?  I have built a heart and a love for the people of Torrance and the surrounding communities of the South Bay.  One of the characteristics that I love and find of incredible value is the diversity that is represented racially, socioeconomically, and ethnically which is clearly seen in Torrance and the South Bay.  My dream and our goal is to build a church that reflects all of the cultures that you find in our community.

When not pastoring, I love to…
spend time with my family
watch, “The Walking Dead”
play fantasy football
listen to music
laugh at a good joke

To contact me:
Twitter: @kenballardjr4
Facebook: Impact South Bay

Our Worship Leader

Hello, my name is Peter Fuqua, and I have been leading worship for about twelve years. I live in Lomita with my beautiful wife, Ellie. While Ellie has lived in the South Bay her whole life, I was raised in Peru because my parents are missionaries. Torrance was always home base though, and I was a part of Torrance First Baptist for many years. My wife and I spent several years in youth ministry there, and we are very grateful for the opportunities to serve that that provided us. Now, as we lead the music ministry at Impact Community Church, we are spending more time singing together. 
Things that I enjoy doing when I’m not leading worship:
Anything comic books
Anything sports (especially Baseball)
Hiking and working out
Oh and music
To contact me:
Email: peter@impactsouthbay.com